It is different culture and weather. The habits are also sometime different.

Always be punctual.

Always make a call before you visit someone.

Be straightforward.

Please exchange your ideas. The good ideas are mostly welcome. The teamwork is also much appreciated.

If you are invited as a guest and want to take a gift for your host. You can choose one or more from the following items as gift : Pralines from Lindt, Flowers-bouquet and a bottle of Red Wine

Try to be quite at home between 13 hrs. and 15 hrs. It is rest time.

Please do not use drill machines or loud machines at home on Sunday. Sunday is also considered as rest/quiet day.

Usage of pressure cooker whistle sound constraints in apartments.

Sunday all shops closed – no shopping options,but some shops are opened under the central railway station.

If you want to celebrate a party on Friday or Saturday evening and you are living with other people/apartments in a house, it is better to write a notice two or three days before that you are celebrating at your home.
‚Wir feiern am __ .__ . ____ und wir bitten um Verständnis, wenn es etwas laut wird.
Vielen Dank im Voraus für Ihr Verständnis.‘
(Please fill up the blank with date of celebration)
The meaning of this notice in English is :
„We celebrate at __. __. ____ And we ask for understanding, if it gets a little loud.
Many thanks in advance for your understanding. „

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